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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  May 12, 2012 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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good morning, america. this morning, the dearing rescue. new details from inside the raid that saved those two kidnapped girls. today, police begin the delicate process of interviewing the girls. what we're now learning and the astonishing moment when this man rescued them. justice for jennifer. superstar singer jennifer hudson wept openly at the verdict. her exbrother-in-law found guilty of murdering her mother, brother, and nephew. sudden collapse. what loongs like a perfect prom picture ends in a frightening
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fall when the porch collapses right under their feet. and away we go. our ginger zee takes on her most dearing stupt yet. running straight off a mountain and taking to the skies. ♪ i want to get away i want to fly away ♪ hey, good morning, everybody. we're so happy to welcome back abc's paula faris, anchor of our morning show, "world news now." >> just today call me dull, especially in comparison no the video of ginger zee. >> unbelievable. she's been our meteorologist for six months. we've been putting her through a haezing process. >> anything we're going to do involving extreme, maybe extreme eating. >> there will be extreme eating
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later in the half hour. we have a lot happening. including a murder mystery in new jersey. who would kill this popular radio talk show host. police believe she was targeted. she's a legend in her hometown. they can't think why anybody would want to do this to her. the cover model firing the latest shot in the mommy wars. we're going to hear from the woman on the cover of "time" magazine breast-feeding her 3 1/2-year-old. she sat down with juju chang. and did you see this dress? this is kate wowing them last night at a preolympic event in london. right? she was just the warmup act. prince william bowled over the crowd with a funny speech, making fun of his brother and the infamous false start. >> what was that noise?
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she knows how to roll her rs. a lot of news overnight. we go to ron claiborne. we begin with the breaking news out of new zealand. two boston university students were killed in a car accident early this morning. five others were injured. john muller has the details. >> reporter: these photos show the horrifying aftermath of the school trip turned nightmare. book bags and personal belongings strewn on a remote new zealand highway. the minivan they were riding in crumpled and flipped over just moments from their destination. killed, dan nel alecko, rock giberti, and austin brashears.
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the driver overcorrected after swerving. >> the wheels touched the gravel, the driver overcorrected. the car went into a bit of a roll. >> reporter: at home, an outpouring of support on the boston university website. >> it's shocking and devastating news. heart breaking for the people involved. >> reporter: the university says they have people trying to help. john muller, abc news, new york. and john edwards' attorneys start their defense on monday. edwards' lawyers argued that prosecutors failed to prove that he intentionally broke the law. he's accused of using over $1 million in payments to help hide his pregnant mistress. the nation's largest bank,
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jp morgan chase was downgraded. federal regulators are investigating the surprise loss. critics say it's evidence that tougher regular nations are needed. one of facebook's founders is giving up his u.s. citizenship. eduardo saborin currently lives in singapore. by becoming a citizen there, it will save him a lot of dough when facebook goes public later this month. it will make him about $4 billion, with a "b,". suspects where captured on surveillance video struggling to fit a huge ac unit in the back of his car. when that doesn't work, his alleged accomplice, a pregnant woman, gets out of the car and
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helps lift it into the trunk. >> unwise on a variety of levels. finally, a prom night some students in indiana will probably never forget. [ screams ] the students were posing for pictures, waiting for another friend when the porch, it suddenly collapsed. fortunately, only minor scratches and bruises. no doubt, they're now the talk of the school. >> what a prom story. >> they'll remember that one forever. >> for better or worse. later today, police will start the delicate process of interviewing the two little girls whose ordeal captured america. alexandria and kyliyah bain. the man hunt came to a violent end in guntown.
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>> reporter: it all went down deep in the woods where investigators are still searching this morning. they're looking for more evidence. they suspect that mayes had help. we're learning new details about the delicate and dangerous mission. the tip that broke this case came into the local command center at 5:30 p.m. literally, the tip ster walked in and told fbi agents that the dense woods near the zion hill baptist church would be a good place to hide. they immediately dispatched 31 mississippi fish and wild life officers who arrived and split into two teams. at 6:50 p.m., one spotted alexandria bain. 100 yards into the woods behind the building. they saw the fugitive. he saw them, dropping to the ground, his hand on a semiautomatic weapon. the girls lay nearby, not saying a word. >> the little girl picked her
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head up, the other one did. we order mr. mayes to drop his weapon. >> reporter: the girls hadn't eaten anything for three days. the sheriff said they looked like angels as they emerged from the forest. >> it brings tears to your eyes. it was a beautiful sight. >> reporter: did they say anything? >> i didn't ask questions. i ug hed them and loved them and told them it would be okay. >> reporter: a family spokesman said they have not asked the girls about their ordeal. not 07b8 were they in captivity for two weeks, they lost their mother and older sister. only those two girls know right
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now what happened. they're critical to tip vest gags. police will interview them later today. >> thankfully, they're reunited with their father. it's the end of an intensely emotional chanter in the life of superstar jennifer hudson. the oscar winner shedding tears as a jury convicts her exbrother-in-law of killing her mother, her brother, and her young nephew. alex perez joins us from chicago this morning with reaction. good morning, alex. >> reporter: paula, good morning to you. jurors insist this case was about man whose jealous rage became deadly. ♪ you told me you'd bring back ♪ >> reporter: she has fame, fortune, an oscar, grammy, and a golden globe. a chicago jury gave her the one thing she's coveted most since 2008 -- justice for the murders of her mother, brother, and
7:10 am
7-year-old nephew. hudson didn't speak to the media but did thank prosecutors after the verdict. >> she was very emotional. emotional but releaieved. >> reporter: she held her fiance's hand and silently cried. the jury pored over testimony from more than 80 witnesses. including hudson, and 500 pieces of evidence. jurors say hudson's stardom played no role. >> her celebrity had nothing to do with it. if was not, for us, the jennifer hudson case. >> reporter: just about one hour before the verdict, the jury told the judge they were divided and wanted to review cell phone records. those records contradicted william balfour's al by. he shot and killed the family, said the prosecutors, because his estranged wife wanted a
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divorce and was seeing another man. balfour's defense argued there was little physical evidence. no fingerprints or dna linking him to the murders. the majority of the evidence was circumstantial. >> we live in an age of csi. you can't convict someone unless the dna is there. in a sense, this is an old-fashioned verdict. >> reporter: jennifer hudson released a statement last night thanking prosecutors and saying her family prays god will forgive william balfour. now to a tricky day for mitt romney. it's "your voice, your vote." me tries to introduce himself to america. he's still being dodged by a story about being a bully in high school. david kerley is covering it from washington this morning. david, good morning to you. >> reporter: dan, good morning.
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today, it's liberty university. an evangelical university founded by jerry falwell. this is a university that teaches that mormonism is a cult. he's got his work cut out for him. he won't be talking about bullying or anything other than family values. >> cracking down on cheats like china when they take away our jobs. >> reporter: romney talked about jobs in north carolina. when it came time for questions about roerts, he was asked about reported high school bullying. >> i was one who did some stupid things in high school. if anyone was offended by that, i apologize for it. >> reporter: that was romney on message. his first response to the story of a long-haired student was much different. >> i don't remember that incident. i certainly don't believe that thought the fellow was a
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homosexual. >> he's in the a fully fleshed out figure yet for the american public. when a story like this hits the landscape, it takes on a large meaning. >> reporter: gay rights, gay marriage hijacked the week. he believes marriage is only between man and a woman. he made an admission when asked if he had someone close to him that was in a same-sex relationship. >> i do. i won't tell you who it is, but i certainly do. >> reporter: will any of this change any voters' minds? >> presidential elections more than any other kind are deeply steepd in personality and character. >> thank you, guys. we're going to get it done! thank you! >> that's why this kind of story is so potentially damaging. even though at the end of the day the election is about the economy. >> let me ask you about this speech today. at liberty university.
7:14 am
many of the student there is believe mormonism is a cult. what is romney's plan? >> reporter: it will be a difficult environment. some students protested when it was announced romney would be their commencement speaker. he won't talk about his faith that much. he'll talk about family values and what he believes his family has brought to him. he talked about mormonism four years ago. he doesn't need to revisit it. >> thus far, no evidence that we have seen that romney's faith will hurt him among evangelical voters. david kerley, thank you so much. to a dramatic day in a florida court. the millionaire polo mogul finally apologizing in open court to the victim's family. now the judge was not lenient. giving him 16 years. so why is he set to walk out of
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jail in days? good morning. so nice to have you here. >> reporter: good morning. john goodman was sentenced to 16 years in jail. he could get out as soon as next week. the state granted him a $7 million bond. a surprising end to a trial filled with twists and turns. >> i don't know what else to say. i just -- really, really, my heart goes out to the family. i'm so remorseful. >> reporter: john goodman addressed scott wilson's family for the first time on his final day in court. >> every day, i feel like i carry scott patrick wilson in my -- with me. >> reporter: those words came after an emotional testimony from wilson's mother. >> sunday will be mother's day. and scott will not be coming home. >> reporter: wilson's father and stepmother, too distraught to talk. wrote a letter instead.
7:16 am
>> john goodman didn't just break the law. he broke rules of common dekrc y decency. >> reporter: goodman's car crashed into wilson two years ago. his blood alcohol level was nearly twice the legal limit when he tested two hours after the crash. he didn't call 911, he left wilson in a nearby canal, drowning. the defense argued he had the alcohol after the accident. swapping his life of luxury for a life in jail. famously tried to adopt his 42-year-old girlfriend to protect his fortune. he may not be behind bars for long. the judge granted him a $8
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million bond. money his family is expected to post. goodman will remain under house arrest while he awaits his appeal. he'll have to wear a gps monitoring device but he'll be able to roam freely at the polo grounds. let's get to ginger zee. hey, ginger, good morning. >> let's start with rain. a whole lot fell in houston, more than 3 1/2 inches. still some along the gulf. let's look at the video. there were tornado watches. no tornadoes reported. a whole lot of lightning, hail, and heavy rain. where does it go? north and east. mississippi, alabama. that's where the rain will go. a nicer day in the northeast. boy, feels like a perfect summer day. temperatures in the upper 70s. unfortunately, by mother's day,
7:18 am
some in the or not east get scattered showers. vegas will be 94, portland, 20 degrees above >> all that rain in texas is making the drought recede. we'll be talking about that in the next half hour. they want to see those pictures. now to the magazine cover that set off a firestorm. a mother posing while nursing
7:19 am
her nearly 4-year-old boy. the mother says she's receiving threats. some people trying to take her children away. she spoke with juju chang. >> reporter: a lot of people say if a kid can ask for milk, he's too old for breast milk. >> i know. that's a cultural thing. it has no biological reasoning behind it. >> reporter: jamie is the cover girl who has the nation talking. nursing her nearly 4-year-old son in the most public of displays. >> the statement i wanted to make is that this is a normal option for your child. and it should not be stigmatized. >> reporter: but the reaction has been fierce. on mommy blogs and on tv. >> that boy is 32 years old. >> he's in college. >> reporter: you said people have threatened to call child protective services. they call it molestation. >> it's ignorance, i think.
7:20 am
it's hard to get mad at that. we're so oversexualized. and so repressed. they're mammary glands. >> reporter: what do you call nursing? >> nursing. >> you call it nursing? >> reporter: it's a family tradition. jamie was breast fed until the age of 6. >> i remember sitting on a couch with my mom breast feeding. it's hard to articulate. it feels like the most safe and nurturing place and you feel completely loved. >> reporter: though breast-feeding rates are growing, less than 24% of moms durs their 1-year-olds. the world health organization extends that to 2 years and beyond. most pediatricians don't recommend beyond that. jai jamie says it should be normal.
7:21 am
>> we're not as crazy as we seem. >> reporter: for "good morning america," juju chang, abc news, new york. >> good to know. we normally think of prince william as a sedate guy. yesterday, they kicked off an event for the olympics. he cracked a few jokes about wearing speedos and his brother, harry. >> reporter: the stars of the gala were supposed to be the olympic athletes. it was the duchess who took home gold. her dress, low-cut. her hair, up, shoes, jimmy choos. the ambassadors schmoozed. >> i thought i was only talking to about 60 people. >> reporter: try 3,000 of his closest friends. >> if you see me in a pair of
7:22 am
speedos during the olympics, shoot me. >> reporter: he has been photographed in college in those swim suits. last night was about the athletes. >> all of us mere mortals, and i include my brother, who still drones on about meeting usain bolt. that shouldn't have counted. it was a false start. this is a lifetime opportunity. >> reporter: yes, the same brother who challenged kate and william to run the marathon. >> it was fantastic. my brother and his wife will be doing it next year, i think. so -- he's going the have to now, isn't he? >> i was asked to compete for team gb. in every sport. but sadly, lord poe said london pigeons had more athletic prowess than me. >> reporter: who needs prowess
7:23 am
when kate looks ran ttranscende teal. there are still 76 days before the athletes try to outshine their royal ambassadors. >> set the record straight, speedos, yes or no. >> coming up -- no, no, no. a popular talk show host killed in her own home. police say she was targeted. why would anybody want a woman who, by all accounts, was very generous? and whitney houston's family reality show. how did ginger zee do? her own adventure.
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♪ fly and that is our ace meteorologist and resident daredevil, ginger zee. >> you're going to call her ace, too? >> yes. >> the name has caught on. >> she's doing something dan and i would never do. she's gone ice boating, paragliding. now this morning, on "good morning america," we have this to show you. i'm paula faris in for bianna golodryga. we're dull, compared to ginger. she's up for anything. she's brave and beautiful. >> i'm dan harris. i'm neither of those two things. also coming up, is it too soon for reality tv for whitney houston's family. this is a shocker. draws dropping across the
7:31 am
entertainment world. the family, including her teenage daughter, signing on for a reality show. but first, the mysterious murder of a radio talk show host and socialite in new jersey. 47-year-old april kauffman was left dead in her home. t.j. winick has the story. in her community, they're saying all she wanted to do was help others. >> reporter: her body was discovered by a worker who was in the home to feet the woman's parrots. those who thu april kauffman belief she didn't have an enemy in the world. a popular radio talk show host who was highly respected for her work on behalf of u.s. veterans. >> thank you for allowing me to
7:32 am
sit in the chair and get you updayton on some veterans matters. >> reporter: the 47-year-old was found dead many her own bedroom, shot multiple times. her husband, dr. james kauffman rushed home from work after getting the news. the neighbor said dr. kauffman made a mysterious statement to lou's wife. >> he told her when he left the house, she was sleeping with a pillow over her face. >> reporter: just yesterday, the prosecutor said an arrest was likely but didn't say how soon or elaborate about a possible suspect. >> we have sufficient information to conduct an ongoing investigation that we believe will be successful. >> reporter: the kauffmans were known to be avid gun collectors. police are saying little only that april was shot several times. >> if you shoot them more than two or three times, then that is
7:33 am
what is considered overkill. that is anger or rage. >> reporter: april cough of map is being remembered as a tireless advocate for several causes. she was recently recognized by governor chris christie as being one of new jersey's volunteers. >> all she did was help people. >> reporter: for all those who knew this local celebrity, it's impossible to understand who would want her dead. they recently bought a home in arizona. police are being tight-lipped. let's get to ron claiborne >> good morning, again, paula, dan, t.j. three boston university students were killed and another one is in critical condition after a car accident when they were studying abroad in new
7:34 am
zealand. american airlines says it will consider a merger. u.s. airways has been trying to join forces. a deal could mean fewer seats and higher prices for passengers. about 20,000 people attended a public memorial for former san diego charger junior seau. and lebron james will reportedly be named nba mvp today. the third time in four seasons he's gotten the award. only seven other players have at least three mvp trophies. three times. but still no rings. yet. time for the weather and the inimitable ginger zee. we start with rain in texas. they didn't have a whole lot of it. last year, a record drought. this year, making up for it already. usa. last year, total under 17
7:35 am
inches. already just through may, 18.4. houston doing the same thing. san angelo is right there with them. the rain helping for eastern texas. who else will get rain? it's not just texas that has had drought issues. the southeast, including atlanta and central florida, they need it bad. they'll get it by tend of th >> this weather report brought to you by target. dan and paul will? >> the inimitable ginger zee. >> say that three times. >> that's why we stick with ace. coming up on the broadcast, sit too soon? just three months after she
7:36 am
passed away, whitney houston's family is going on tv to star in a new reality series? plus, the fearless ginger zee, flying high. we challenged her to go hang gliding. she didn't flinch. inimitable? let's just go with ace. ewness. doing project with different stores is a really cool idea. we want to bring a little piece of the boutique experience to target. a real taste of luxury. it's pretty special for us to imagine this little nook of polka dog will be in target stores all around the country. the shops we fell in love with, collected and curated for you. exclusively at target. j.d. power and associates has ranked quicken loans "highest in customer satisfaction in the united states."
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any family contemplating going on reality tv is basically inviting people to invade their privacy. it would be tough on anybody. imagine how hard it would be for 19-year-old bobbi kristina brown. her mom was found dead just three months ago. >> reporter: so many are worried about how bob booe kribi kristio in a fish bowl. still, the houston family chronicles will begin airing on life time later this year. from newlyweds to the real housewives of new jersey. why knock me down?
7:41 am
>> reporter: reality shows have been known for more tearing families apart as opposed to keeping them together, making it a surprise that the latest family entering the genre is whitney houston's. daughter bobbi kristina, mom, cissy, and brother gary and sister-in-law pat and cousin dionne warwick. >> this is way too soon. first of all, it takes six months to a year to begin to recover from such an immense loss. >> reporter: of particular concern, 19-year-old bobbi kristina. famously close to her mother, she was hospitalized immediately after whitney's death and has been dogged by rumors of drug and alcohol abuse. >> i'm going to do it. i'm doing as good as i possibly can. >> when you do a reality show, you have to grow a layer of
7:42 am
alligator skin. you have to take the backlash. that's the very thing you don't want to do when you're trying to heal. >> reporter: many question whether bobby christina and her family have learned the hard lessons from her own parents. >> i just ran across the street to the bank and you ain't at the bank. >> reporter: on "being bobby brown" her mother and father exposed their troubled lives to the world. friends say it was the beginning of the end. >> when whitney and bobby did the reality show, i was close to several friends of the family. to have all of america to judge you, that is what caused the demise of their marriage. >> reporter: and now, there's the fear that history could repeat itself. in a statement, pat houston insists that a show aut the family had already been in the works for awhile. and whitney's unexpected death
7:43 am
changed the show's direction. her hope now is that viewers will be enlightened as they watch her family heal and move forward. >> i got a sense a lot of people will watch that. >> i think you're right. ginger zee, jumping off the side of the mountain and living to tell us about it. she brings us the views from above the earth after this very quick break. ♪ i'm like a bird i've discovered gold.
7:44 am
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♪ i'm like a bird i'm like a bird ♪ we've been listing the adjectives for ginger zee this morning. i think inexplicable.
7:48 am
>> a source of ouch the. >> what are you doing here? tell us about it? >> incorrigible. >> you have seen me do a couple of things. paraglide. ice boat race. it's been two months. i needed to do this. this time, i learned to fly with a hang glider. soaring. starting. free-flying. in a day, i'm going to learn to run offer mown teauntain. to hang blid. lesson one. it's all about the nose. >> bring your nose down an inch. >> reporter: not just the glider's nose. mine, too. my allergies were not going to stop me from learning how to do this. >> what do you think? >> reporter: wow. the anxiety starts here. look yut mountain flight park, georgia. this is where the deep breathing starts. you know you made it when you put ron claiborne as your
7:49 am
emergency contact. my glider? >> that's your glider. >> and you got pink on it. thank you. it's built to hold up to 7 gs of acceleration. more than a 747 aircraft. so dan assures me. >> the most genting glider on the planet. >> reporter: before i get to do this. i have to start on the bunny hill. a few dry runs. >> jog, let it float, beautiful, beautiful. you got it. >> reporter: a final safety drill. chin check, cheek, clearance. and caribbe -- air borne. or not. they're very positive here. i tried again. and again. whoo! and finally --
7:50 am
>> you got it. go. look at her go. look at her go, look at her go! yeah! whoo-hoo! >> i did it. i'm ready. let's go to 1300. now the big test. one final step or leap off the mountain. this is lookout mountain. we're going to make it runoff mountain. my new instructor ozzy says this will be different. the air will be different. i think i'll be okay. >> the landing. i'll be reminding you. >> reporter: so easy and so close to taking off. everything has to be perfect before we run off and over the red line of no return. waiting for a noncross wind, right? >> a nice cycle. >> reporter: a nice cycle. when the winds are finally just right. we take those final steps.
7:51 am
>> three! ♪ >> reporter: after a few breathtaking moments. oh, my gosh. the fear and my allergies are gone. we soar into the valley. the world below us. a day full of highs. and even higher. not a word, but what i felt. >> she was so relaxed. is this normal? >> reporter: i'm a little bit crazy. crazy for a sport that i've got to try again. >> that is incredible. >> that's amazing. that is fantastic. >> awesome. >> i'm now an h-1. i have to do some hours before i jump off alone. the only really crazy part
7:52 am
there is that ron is your emergency contact. that's the only thing that struck me. >> got you covered, ginger. >> great job. that was incredible. ♪ i want to fly away hey boys, i have an idea. [ female announcer ] new lipton tea & honey. sweetened with honey, made from real tea leaves and real fruit flavors! mmm...that is so good. ♪ [ female announcer ] lipton tea & honey. real is refreshing. ♪ it's never felt so real ♪ no, it's never felt [ all ] ♪ so right [ female announcer ] new lipton tea & honey. lipton: drink positive! ♪ me and my friends, da da da da da ♪ ♪ me and my friends, da da da da da ♪ "with my friends, randy and phil." nothing brings friends together like chili's triple dipper for dinner.
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we only have seconds left. all i wand toot is talk about how impressed i am by ginger zee. incredible, incredible story. thank ifs watching. see you tomorrow morning. live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. >> good morning. taking a look at some of the stories topping the news in our area.
7:57 am
>> how old is she? >> she is two. a toddler is in critical after almost drowning bathtub of their rural home. grandmother from the child 911.alled rescuers went to 10th street around 7:15 p.m. thursday night. you can expect delays on metro this weekend. there are works on the red, orange, and blue lines. it continues through closing sunday. should allow 20 minutes to travel time. riders should allow 20 to travel time. good morning. is a delightful start to this mother's day holiday weekend. from our tower in roslyn. you see the big been. a beautiful shot out there. a cloud in the sky. temperatures are cooler. 60 degrees in alexandria. 58 in ashburn.
7:58 am
winds are, out there. a gust up to 29 miles per hour and that will not be the case today. high pressure moving out. does, the cloudiness down the southwest and some rain will be moving our way. by the time we get to tomorrow, changes here today, sunny, nice. 81 degrees. tomorrow, rain by afternoon. temperatures mild. rain early next week. >> thank you. watching.for have a great day.
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